October 24, 2008

Interviewing the former editor of Pride Magazine Sherry Dixon

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Exclusive Sherry Dixon talks to poison ivyyy

Strong, independent, funny, smart and warm are just a couple of qualities often used to describe the complex personality of one of the most recognised faces within the black community.

Sherry Dixon is an established brand in the publishing world and an exceptional role model for every women of colour, in Britain and abroad.

Until recently, she was the editor-in-chief of Pride Magazine and She Carribean, as well as a consultant for ITV’s LK-Today, a freelance journalist, a broadcaster and a lecturer.

She runs her own workshops for beauty conscious men and women, Sherry is also  the proud winner of the ‘European Federation of Black Women Business Owners‘ (EFBWBO) Training Award.

And a mother to two grown successful sons, one of whom was appointed head of Mathew Knowles (Beyoncé’s father) Music World Europe.

The beginning

Guyana-born Sherry who considers Britain to be her home has a lot more to offer than initially meets the eye.

Amazingly, she is not a trained journalist and started out working at PR firm, Shandwick Consultancy, but they did not manage to keep this energetic woman under wraps for long.

She soon realised that she wanted to make fashion and beauty her profession.

Business woman Sherry Dixon

Business woman Sherry Dixon

“When I was leaving (the PR firm) they gave me a gift and when I opened it I found they had paid for my beauty course, which was at that time was quite a lot of money.

Because they paid for it I felt the need to pass it and I remember the course was quite heavy, but in the end it turned out good for me.”

Using the foundation of the beauty course, she did not take long to make a name for herself and become a make-up artist to the rich and the famous.

After stumbling over an article in the Daily Mail giving tips on make-up for light skinned people, she decided to ring up the editor of The Voice and pitch an idea similar to one of the Mail.

Knowing Sherry’s background The Voice’s editor told her to write the article herself, and so she did.

From there she was given a monthly column in The Voice, in Black Hair & Beauty and she also contributed to various national as well as international newspapers like The Guardian.

“It was embarrassing at one point, because I was writing all these articles for all these different press and they were all coming out around the same time, it was nice and exciting but also embarrassing.

It seemed that I was taking over the whole place as I was doing the professional make-up pictures as well.”

Pride Magazine

Within months of arriving at Pride she moved from being a beauty writer to being the beauty editor.

From there she was made the beauty, health and lifestyle editor. At the same time she was also managing her own beauty shop/studio.

Eight years into the job was named editor-in-chief of Pride.

Sherry has been with Pride for more than ten years and, looking back she realises that the face of the magazine has changed tremendously in the years she’s been the editor.

“Amina’s (the previous editor) style of editorship was more music-led and my remake was to make it more about self-awareness, being a stronger person and putting you back into the magazine. I made it about the whole person.”

Sherry has long left Pride, became the editor of She Caribbean in St. Lucia and has returned to England to face new challenges and in her words “live life on the edge”.