October 12, 2008

Drugs at University

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Hooray it is done – the prison called school is finally over!

The dull days where pupils just sit in a classroom chewing on their pencils, staring at the clock on the wall and waiting for the big bell to ring and rescue them are no more.

But believe it or not, after just about managing to pull through the last seven to eight-odd years of school a lot of us sign up for the next torture. University.

Well, you know what they say, uni life is suppose to be the best time of our lives, before stepping out into the big big world.

Being a student is all about enjoying yourself, partying, having fun and maybe learn a thing or two while you’re at it.

Turning up for lectures should be the exception and not the rule.


Lately though, it seems that more and more students are pushing their luck and turn the alleged study time into one massive illegal orgy.

Alcohol, Cannabis, Cocaine and Ecstasy are just some of the regular guests at many university campuses across the United Kingdom.

In a long lost time, getting the chance to study at university and start the career of an academic used to be something special, something only rich and privileged people would enjoy.

What happened to the days where being a university graduate was valuable and respected?

For most people going into higher education meant responsibility, the next step to adulthood and finding yourself.

These days, people envision university with the complete opposite.

Expensive habit

Booze Britain 2 is a television programme that depicts the alcoholic society Britain has transformed into.

They say that students apparently spend £930m a year on alcohol alone, that is three times the amount students across the country spend on stationery.

Ever since Eve took a bite of the apple of knowledge men and women have fought over who is the best on earth.

Female activists tried hard to raise women’s integrity, to be seen equal to men and to prove that they are just as good if not better than their male counterparts.

And finally after fighting for centuries women have managed the unmanageable, every feminist will be glad and thrilled to hear that they have overtaken men.

Even if it is just in consuming illegal drugs and alcohol at university.


DrugScope, is the UK’s leading centre of expertise on drugs and their ambition is to educate people across the country on the dangers of drugs and make drug use history.

They claim: “Campaigns are useful if targeted properly. For instance campaigns that draw attention to dangerous injecting techniques can give useful information or help change people’s drug using behaviour.

Trying to determine whether people have changed their drug taking because they saw a campaign is near impossible to measure.”

Not “bothered”, “too high to care”, “sociable” these are statements made by future University graduates, some of them are supposed to run this country in the near future.

You should think that students with their background and their ambitions to make something out of their lives would know better and have the common sense to stay clear of drugs, as they cause more harm than good-but I had to find out that a lot of them don’t.

Students should have the right to embrace being a student and make the most of their time at university, but officials should be encouraged to take more drastic measures against students who step out of line and turn the campus into a drug house.