October 17, 2008

Make-up for men and men girdles-the way forward

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Metrosexual was the word of the early 2000s. Footballers and fashion icons such as David Beckham and Freddie Ljungberg were the spiritual inspiration behind the biggest revolution mankind has seen in heterosexual circles since ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’ has hit our TV screens.

The days were all a man needed was a bar of soap, 10 minutes in the bathroom and some clothes from the bedroom floor are in the past.

These days almost every man has more than one beauty product hidden away in his cabinet, but of course there are always exceptions to the rules and those men that think brushing their teeth in the morning and leaving the house with uncombed hair is enough to impress the ladies.

The male beauty industry is booming and it seems that things that were once intended to enhance the beauty of females is about to swap gender.

Trendsetter Hollywood

Hollywood has set the tone and proved that a little nip and tuck isn’t that uncommon amongst men, we have all seen the pictures of Michael Douglas and John Travolta.

But fear not, there are plenty of products on the shelves for people that don’t want to go that far, but are in search of the fountain of ever lasting youth.

Manscara, guyliner, foundation, face scrubs, manicure and pedicures were always highly thought of by beauty conscious gay fashionistas, but has slowly made its way into the everyday man’s life.

Even Bad Boy for Life, Mr. P. Diddy has recently admitted to being “well groomed”, everywhere.

Don’t we all know at least one guy that is obsessed with his appearance, who spends hours in the bathroom and looks into every reflection of himself just to make sure his hair is still in place.

The one that puts every women on this planet to shame because he always looks like he just stepped out of a beauty salon.

The one that dares to make you look like ‘Ugly Betty’ even though you spent a lot f time getting ready and the one that gets all the attention of the opposite sex when you hit town.

Yeah, I think we all know at least one of those guys.

If you thought that facial masks, hair gel and moisturiser were the tip of the iceberg you are in for a surprise.

The latest unstoppable male trend comes from Japan and has nothing to do with the latest gadget every technology fan should have.

Oh no, the one thing Japanese and more and more American men swear on is the male girdle.

That’s right the male girdle!

The secret weapon women have used for centuries to make themselves look slimmer and shapelier is no longer such a secret.

The men girdle comes in two varieties the shorts and a vest, they can either be worn separate or together to double the effect.

It is a great way to disguised love handles, the beer belly and/ or shape a great chest. Both can be easily purchased over the world wide web.

Simon, 23 from Scotland, has only good things to say about the rising trend. “I am not surprised at all that the girdle or make-up for men have finally made their way into mainstream society. And if I can let you in on a secret we wear male corsets too.”

If you want to learn a little more about make- up for men just watch this.