October 8, 2008

Forgetting where we come from?

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Our ancestors came to and settled in Britain a long time ago. Black people have been present in this country for over 2,000 years now and make up an impressive total of about 2.2 per cent in England, but does that rally give us the right to consider ourselves one of ‘them’?

The fact that black people in this country are called Black British and not Black English, or simple just English like the rest of the population, speaks louder than the every attempt by us to fit in.

It is a natural process that everyone who arrived second will never be seen as equal to the ones that governed the country at the arrival of the second.

So instead of trying to ‘imitate’ someone else’s heritage and striving to be that someone we should rather concentrate on finding a base were we can all live together side by side, without falling into the trap of loosing our ways, or creating a culture that has less to nothing in common with the original one.

It is comforting to see that black people in this country and around the globe have come a long way and moved on from the days where we were deprived of all our human rights that were given to us at birth.

Embracing different cultures

We are different by nature and there is nothing wrong with being different, because that is what makes this glob spin and it would be a shame if we would forget altogether where we came from, Africa.


Integration is a word that gets used a lot by the government, schemes are run to get people to fit in and to make them adapt to be British lifestyle.

I am a huge supporter of integration and getting people to accustomed to their new ‘world’, because I don’t think that it is right for anyone to live in a country without so much as trying to pick up the spoken language, get used to the rules and culture, and only live in a surrounding full of ‘their own people’.

Sometimes it feels, though, as if we have overdone it.

We have tried so hard to fit in that we have completely given up our culture and on the things that define us.

There is a fine line between fitting in and obeying the customs of a country and loosing your own ethnic identity, black people in this country appear to have crossed that line.

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